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Переводчики английского языка

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Переводчики английского требуются: переводчик
Языки перевода (иные услуги): Английский, Русский
Регион переводов: Онлайн переводы, Россия, За рубежом
Зарплата (стоимость услуг): 150 - 1800 знаков
Образование: высшее
Пол: женский
Возраст: 29
Описание вакансии переводчика:
Karaseva Marina Sergeevna

Personal data date of birth: 18.08.1982
adress: S-pb, kolpino, Mashinostroiteley st.
home telephone: (812) 482-90-43
mobile phone: 8-953-372-70-11
e-mail: marina-karaseva@mail.ru

education: High Linguistic
1999-2005 «Baltic university of foreghn languages and international relations»

Faculty: Foreighn languages

Специальность: linguist enterpriter

Иностранные English-fluent
языки: spanish - Written, basic

Skills: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft
PowerPoint. Машинопись: 150 слов в минуту.

Working experience: 01.03.02 – 01.08.04 – ООО «Orion»

• Sales manager
• Increasing volume of sales from15 to 20%:
• Holesales of mobile phones and presenting of services of mobile link.
• Communication with clients and presenting the information abuot the company service.
• Control over the fulfillment of sales plan and widening of number of tools.

27.12.05-19.06.06 –«TEK RUSS»

• Manager of sales agreement department
• Transportation of cargo in containers.
• Finding the persectve clients
• Organisation of before contract work for the company’s service
• Counting the cost of delivery till point of destination
• Making the contracts.

19.01.2007 – 13.08.2007г CZKSK

• Sphere of business: Delivry of industrial equipment parts for Russian enterprises.
• Searching for foreighn suppliers.
• Making the long-term contracts with suppliers. Contract over the fulfillment of contract terms
• Making orders, Control over the time of delivery of order.
• Working with transport companies.
• Working with present companies and searching for new clients. Making the contracts for the production and delivery of equipment.

11.12.2007-03.06.2008 St. Petersburg, LLC "VYSOOEFFEKTIVNAYA
Generation "
Company Profile: Supply of electrical equipment, machine tools, construction
equipment and machinery.
• Position: Manager Project Manager in machinery and equipment department.
• Responsibilities: Development of the direction of the company selling the equipment. The formation and expansion of client base .. Work with businesses suppliers. Developing pricing policy for the company-designated direction. Selection and optimization of alternative suppliers.
• Review the status of the plan sales and purchases.
• Increased sales in Russia and CIS countries.
01.01.2009 - present time St. Petersburg, LTD "ORION"
Sales of mobile phones, cellular services of communication.
Position: Sales Manager.
Duties: The increase in V-ma sales on a monthly basis from 15 to 20%
Implementation of the wholesale sales of cellular phones and cellular services.
Organization of retail sales of the company.
Procurement planning, control over the execution of product line.

Additional information: I initiative person , aimed at positiveresult.
Most of all I am interested at work in sales logistics external economy and sales
market. At present time i qualify my professional level. To dedicate myself to
the job which presents a greate interest for me and bring profit for your company
is main my target of my work.
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